Our Coffee

At Hacienda Mamecillo, we grow, harvest and process Cafe
Isabella Organico. The coffee is 100% organic and made from our three coffee varieties; Gesha, Red Catuai and Yellow Catuai.

The farm is located about 1700 meters above sea level and is
surrounded by cloud forest. To protect the environment and
produce coffee of the highest quality, all our plants are taken care
of in a natural and organic way. Hacienda Mamecillo is a 1,5
hectares coffee plantation and the first coffee bushes were planted
in 1957.

The coffee plants receive their nutrients from cut grass and organic
fertilizer and no harmful pesticides are used. The native trees give
the plants the optimum shade for the plants to produce the best
coffee beans.

When the coffee fruits are ripe, they are carefully handpicked to not disturb the plants and the coming blossoms. The picked coffee fruits are then categorized and only the best fruits are kept for the next stages.

We are using the drying process where the coffee beans are dried within the fruit. This process ensures that the coffee has a fruity aromatic flavour with maximum sweetness. The drying process is 21 days and takes place at sea level as the high humidity in the cloud forests prevents drying.

Once the beans have dried, they are kept “resting” for a minimum of 4 months, with the beans still inside in the dried fruit.

Finally, after the resting process, the beans are separated from the dried fruit and ready for roasting.

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