Our Coffee

Cafe Isabella Organico is grown and harvested at Hacienda Mamecillo,

a coffee and agro farm that is 100% organic.

Here we use a natural process to prepare our coffee beans.

The farm is located about 1700 meters above sea level, surrounded by cloudforest.
Coffee vararities that exist on the farm are: Gesha, red Catuai and yellow Catuai.
During the year the coffee plants are given the best take care in a natural and organic way.
The coffee plants receives their nutrients from cut grass and organic fertilizer. No harmful pestisides are used. The native trees gives the plants the optimum shade that they need to produce the best coffee beans.
When the coffee fruits are ripe they are handpicked in a careful manner to not disturb the plants and the coming blooming. Once picked the coffee fruits are categorized to select only the best fruits.
The drying process
We have chosen to use the natural process to dry the coffee beans. This means that the bean is dried whithin the fruit, using this process gives the coffe a fruity aromatic flavor with maximum sweetness.
Special attention and work are needed to produce this rare coffee.
The drying process is 21 days and takes place at sea level. The beans still contained in the dried fruit are now set to rest for a minimum of 4 months before they can be peeled. The remaining coffe beans are now ready for roasting!