At Hacienda Mamecillo the production is organic and eco friendly.


Agro farming

Our animals

Our “happy” animals are living without stressing factors and close
to nature as we believe that animals should be well cared for. We
put great attention to their living conditions, and their main diet
consists of fresh grass, vegetables and fruit – all organically
grown. This care for our animals also results in them producing the
best quality products in the form of eggs, milk and meat.

  • At our farm, you will meet (depending on the season) the following
    animals that produces food for our meals:
  • Piglets, roam free on a surface of approximately 500 m2
    where they are free to dig up bugs and roots.
  • Chickens, living a free-range life

Our Vegetables

Nothing tastes better than organically grown vegetables, berries} and fruit! In our greenhouse and as well outside we, therefore, grow a variety of organic vegetables, berries and fruit used to prepare gourmet meals.

Our Projects

As the environment and its inhabitants are essential for us at
Hacienda Mamecillo, we engage in various projects to promote

Native tree nursery ( Quercus copeyensis) or Mamecillo

Together with “Ministerio de Mi Ambiente” (Rangers of the government) we help with reforestation by collecting seeds from native trees in the area that we plant in our nursery. When they reach approximately 1 year, they are ready to be replanted. There are currently 5000 native trees growing in our nursery.

Recycling of food wastes / Red worms (Eisenia fetida)

With help of the Californian Red Worm, the food waste is transformed into vermicompost (compost and plant fertilizer) which we use for the tree seedling project and all vegetables produced at our farm.

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