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Hacienda Mamecillo is a diverse farm with a great mix of scenery,

offering more than just a “coffe tour”.

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Hacienda Mamecillo

Located at 1700 m above sea level ,  Jaramillo arriba, in the highlands of – Boquete-Chiriqui- Panama. Hacienda Mamecillo was borned when the Chamorro-Carlsson family started running the farm in 2012, the farm had then been abandoned for many years.

Hacienda Mamecillo is a diverse farm with a great mix of scenery, offering more than just a “coffe tour”.

Coffe plantation

Coffe plantation: In 1957’s the orginally coffee plants were planted and are still producing. Using only organic management and eco friendly practice the coffe production has yearly increased since the start of Hacienda Mamecillo. This 1.5 hectar coffe plantation is surrounded by cloudforest and native trees that gives optimum shade for the plants and are helping to reserve the wildlife. White faced monkeyes and the famous quetzal bird are frequently spotted here.

The cloud forest

Hacienda Mamecillo is highley proud of this 1.5 hectars of cloud forest which is acting as a reserve. Gigantic native trees that shouts up the sky and inhabit 1000 of differents orchid and animal species. Several waterfalls are located on the borders of the land and the tallest is measuring 25 meters. Enjoy hiking on our exclusive trails that will take you in loops around the cloudforest. Keep an eye open for the whitefaced monkey and the quetzal bird.
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agro farming

At Hacienda Mamecillo we belive that the animals shall have a close as possible to natural enviroment to live in to be able to produce the best quality meat. This is why we put effort into their living. Meet Peppa Pig, roaming free on a surface ~500 m2. Digging up bugs ands roots all day long. Twice a year she gives a litter, next is in July. As well do we belive that nothing taste better than organiclly grown vegetables. In our 260 m2 green house we grow a vararity of vegetables. Soon to come is fresh water fish tanks!

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