Hacienda Mamecillo

We are passionate about our quality organic eco-friendly products and the environment. Do you share our view of sustainability? Would you like to LIVE the beauty of the Cloud Forest? Ever wonderd just how that cup of  “wake me up “ coffee came about? We would love to share this beutiful area our products and knowledge with you!

Hacienda Mamecillo is nestled between some enormous native trees in theCloud Forest of Panama  1800 meters above sea leavel and located in a privete reserve in the Boquete area.

Our family-run business is named after the mighty  Mamecillo tree wich is indigenous to the area.

Located at 1700 m above sea level ,  Jaramillo arriba, in the highlands of – Boquete-Chiriqui- Panama. Hacienda Mamecillo was borned when the Chamorro-Carlsson family started running the farm in 2012, the farm had then been abandoned for many years.

Hacienda Mamecillo is a diverse farm with a great mix of scenery, offering more than just a “coffe tour”. Hiking in Boquete

hiking in boquete

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