Our Projects

Here at Hacienda Mamecillo we have variuos projects going on.

For us the enviroment and its inhabitants are essential for us.

Native tree nursery ( Quercus copeyensis) or Mamecillo

Together with “Ministerio de Mi Ambiente” ( Rangers of the the goverment ) we collect seads from native trees in the area and plant them in our nursery. Currently there are 5000 native trees growing in the nursery. When they have reach aproximately 1 year they will be ready to be replanted. This project is to help with the re forestarion in Panama.
native nursery project

Recycling of food wastes / Red worms (Eisenia fetida)

In co operation with some of the largest hotels and restaurants we collect their food wastes. This helps to reduce the volume of garbage going into the dump yard. The food waste is used to produce our own compost and plant fertilizer with help from the californian red worms they are used for vermicomposting of both domestic and industrial organic waste.
red worms project